Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Right Dining Chairs for You: How to Measure

While of course Jerusalem Furniture offers you many dining sets, some of you may prefer to buy your dining chairs a la carte for various reasons. One trend is even to add visual interest to your dining room furniture by avoiding matchy-matchy, mixing things up with chairs in different but complementary designs. No matter which dining room seating arrangement you choose, here are some essentials to consider before making your decision.

traditional dining chair

How High Should Your New Dining Chairs Be?

Before you pick your dining chairs, know how much room you have to spare under the dining table you have or will buy as well. Look not only for the ability to slide under the table without bumping anything but also for maximum legroom and lap space. With that in mind, be sure to measure and write down your results, but generally our dining tables are at least 30 inches off the floor, while dining chair height typically is 18 feet from the seat to the floor. So, to best choose your dining chairs, leave at least 12 inches of space between the seat and tabletop.

contemporary dining chair

How Wide Should Dining Chairs Be for the Most Room?

Typically, dining chairs are 16 to 20 feet wide. Be sure to measure using the chair’s widest point, either the seat front or back. So that you and your guests don’t jostle elbows, give your seats an extra six inches on each side. Also, don’t forget to allow enough space for the chair to fully slide out from the table to get in and out! Make that a full yard: 36 inches. So if each seat is given 30 inches, you’re good. If you’re placing dining chairs at the table’s head and foot, give those chairs 12 inches left and right.

Whatever your dining chair preferences, you’ll find them all for less at our Pennsauken, NJ store or other Greater Philadelphia locations.