Thursday, November 29, 2018

Plan Effectively for the Right Entertainment Furniture – For You

When you’ve selected the perfect giant plasma TV, stereo sound, and the coolest game system, don’t let it all be for naught because you didn’t map out your floor space to fit the right kind of entertainment furniture. Here at Jerusalem Furniture we have many years of satisfying shoppers just like you with the TV stands, fireplace inserts, and more to make their entertainment rooms the showplaces they’ve always wanted. Basically, all you need is a tape measure, a pencil, and a little time and patience, and you too can enjoy the home of your dreams. Let’s get started!

 entertainment center with fireplace

Will It All Fit?

You might be dreaming of a grand wall entertainment center with shelves galore. But if your living space only allots you a few square feet with which to enjoy your TV, you may have to put that particular fantasy on hold. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get the biggest screen you can imagine AND enjoy it with shelves and a beautiful artificial fireplace giving off light AND heat! Maybe a corner unit is your answer. First, using your tape measure and pencil, find out just how much square footage along the wall you have to play with. Write those numbers down for when you come to us, so you can check them against the dimensions of our items in stock.

Next, check the size of your TV screen, if you already have it, against the space allotted for it in our TV stands and wall units. The dimension quoted on your TV’s cardboard box measures diagonally across the screen so be sure to do likewise when scoping out your new entertainment furniture.

 Simple TV stand

Save Your Vision: Position Your Entertainment Furniture Right

It turns out some folk wisdom is correct: you’d best not sit too close to the TV. Make sure you have at least 3 feet between you and the screen, more if your set is bigger, up to 7 feet for home-theater setups.

Also, your best placement of your TV has the screen’s bottom aligned with your line of sight when seated. So have a friend sit in your TV room chair or sofa and hold the tape at eye level while you walk to the wall. Gently mark the wall where your line of sight will be, then take the tape and record the distance from that spot to the floor. The shelf on which you will place your TV should be no more than 1 foot below that mark.

When you’ve mapped out your space and have a good idea what you want, our Greater Philadelphia stores including our Pennsauken, NJ location are ready for you. Happy viewing on your new entertainment furniture.