Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How to Choose a Dining Room Table

When you are shopping for a dining room table, it’s easy to be so enamored with a style that you momentarily forget more practical considerations such as the space you have available and how many people you need to seat for a meal daily as well as on big occasions such as parties and the holidays. That’s why Jerusalem Furniture is offering you this quick guide to make your dining room just right for you, keeping in mind the balance of form and function that your home entertainment requires.

Small dining room table

Intimate Tables for Two or Three: Round Tops

If you are like many households, you don’t use a formal dining room much, accommodating family and guests alike in the dinette. If so, a round dining room table is likely most appropriate. This design is inherently intimate, inviting the diners into a cozy space conducive to conversation.

 Midsize dining room table

Midsize Tabletops

The optimum solution for many rooms is a midsize dining room table, perhaps with a square top with ample room in the center to place the food being served. A suggestion: for a table this size, why not add a lazy Susan? Also, if your floor space is a bit limited but you need something more substantial than a dinette, midsize tables are easy to stow in a corner when not in use. Dropleaf tables are also attractive and versatile, changing to suit the occasion. For midsize tables, consider a pedestal base rather than legs, to maximize the seating capacity.

 Large dining room table

The Grand Table: Going Rectangular

The big rectangular dining room table you might remember from childhood holidays is a perennial favorite for good reason: so roomy and welcoming, and practical as well to handle all the serving dishes piled onto it! Bear in mind when selecting one that along with the increased length, there is a corresponding widening. Get out your tape measure to make sure your dining room has enough square footage to comfortably fit the table, pulled-out chairs, sideboard or cabinets, and foot traffic!

Your Basic Measurements

Your dining room table must be at least a yard (36 inches wide). Table-to-wall clearance should be about 4 feet (48 inches). If you already have furniture lining the walls, don’t forget to measure from the table’s edge to the furniture rather than to the wall. Imagine the number of people the table can sit without touching elbows; that amounts to allowing about 2 feet of eating space per diner.

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