Thursday, October 10, 2019

Pick an Awesome Fireplace TV Stand for This Fall!

One of our amazing TV stands with a realistic LED fireplace insert is perfect for when you love your sports and other TV and miss the holiday spirit of your old hearth. You get all the screen action from your set AND a safe, adjustable, and picturesque source of heat! But the selection of TV stands and fireplace options is so wide you might be suffering from “information overload.” In this month’s blog post for the fall and winter gathering seasons, we’ll give you some advice that’s served our customers well over the years.

small fireplace TV stand

How Much Space Will Your LED Fireplace Insert Heat?

A primary consideration for your new fireplace TV stand is the size of the room you need to heat. These heat sources don’t need venting outside or fuel. Plus they’re economically designed so your electric bill won’t skyrocket. You have two choices for fireplace inserts’ heating element, forced fan or infrared. Forced-fan fireplace inserts are best for small spaces as they heat 400 square feet. Infrared heating elements warm 1,000 square feet so if you’ve got a big living room, this is the way to go. Another factor is whether your room has a high ceiling or many windows. Insulating the latter will mean more efficient heating.

midsize fireplace TV stand

Other Fireplace TV Stand Considerations

Don’t forget to check a TV stand’s weight rating to see if it can accommodate your set. This isn’t usually a problem as most stands can hold up to 200 lbs. For extra support, especially if you have curious youngsters, secure your new TV stand to the wall. While our UL-listed fireplace units are safe, keep a fire extinguisher handy and make sure anything that can catch fire such as rugs are at least 3 feet from your fireplace unit. Make sure nothing obstructs your LED fireplace’s air intake or exhaust vents. And turn off your unit when nobody is in the room, and unplug it overnight or if you’ll be away from home for the weekend.

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