Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fun Kids’ Desk Study Space Ideas

While you might think us odd for thinking of kids’ study spaces while your young'uns are still driving you crazy in the middle of summer vacation, we’re crazy like a fox. We at Jerusalem Furniture made our name for ourselves by anticipating what you want before you realize you need. That means thinking a season ahead! With that in mind, in today’s handy home furniture blog post, we’ll forecast about month or two in advance. What would YOU like your kids’ homework space to be like? What do you require in kids’ furniture to make your children’s study area both productive for learning and a place to have a bit of fun. And don’t forget coordinating your kids’ work space with your home’s fashion-forward grown-up decor. With all that in mind, let’s start thinking of sensible kids’ desk and accessory ideas!

kids desk with hutch

Trim Useful Kids’ Desks for ANY Space

Whether your square footage is cramped or vast, we can find kids’ furniture where your boy or girl can park a laptop or open a workbook to get cranking on those history dates and times tables. Got an unused space below the stairs? No need to be glum. Be creative! All you need to turn this seldom-used area into a first-class study station are a kids’ desk with enough storage for books and other media. Something with large drawers is a customer favorite. Alternatively, you can put your storage overhead with a fun little kids’ desk hutch or some sturdy wall-mounted shelves as simple as brackets and particleboard. If you have a dedicated study room, some kids’ room bookshelves are in order. Throw in a fun kids’ accent lamp for practical and decor reasons and your rugrat is ready settle down for some serious studying! If you go this route, your children’s writing desk can be a simple table really. Another retro option to keep organized at your new kids’ room workstation is a bulletin board on the wall over the desk.

kids accent rug

Fun Kids’ Workstation Accessories for Break Time!

Just like at your job, be sure to add some enjoyable kids’ room accent accessories so the many school lessons don’t stress out your youngsters. Consider getting a plush area rug in bright colors where your littlest scholars can enjoy some hands-on learning with educational toys. Throw in some fluffy kids’ accent pillows and maybe a child-size accent chair and your children can get a much-needed break that enhances the learning experience.

Get ALL your kids’ study room furniture essentials easily at Jerusalem Furniture, whose Philadelphia, PA store is always ready to give YOUR strapped budget a big boost!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Look at Imitation Leather Furniture’s Pros and Cons

You can always choose easy-to-get faux leather living room sofas and more at Jerusalem Furniture. You can also opt for costlier, more durable real leather living room chairs and suchlike. Which upholstery option is best for you? In today’s blog post we’ll have a look at how artificial leather furniture is made, then weigh its advantages and liabilities compared to the genuine cowhide original.

DuraBlend faux leather living room sofa

How Faux Leather Furniture Is Made

You have several varieties of imitation leather furniture upholstery to choose from. These vary in quality. The most frequently found artificial leather furniture on the market uses polyurethane (PU), yes, a kind of plastic, over a human-made fabric such as polyester, the standard fabric for this operation. The furniture maker coats this fabric, adds color, then stamps the faux leather upholstery with a cowhide-style grain to look like the real thing. Other types of artificial leather furniture you will find on the market include PVC and polyamide microfiber. Furthermore, for imitation leather furniture some makers are employing plant material including cork and kelp.

Contemporary imitation leather living room sofa

Artificial Leather Furniture Benefits and Disadvantages

Our selection of faux leather furniture offers you a multitude of colors. Also, you can choose a high-gloss look. The polyurethane imitation leather furniture we offer has a proven reputation for withstanding much wear over the years. The usual PU faux leather furniture is simple to maintain. For regular cleaning, all you need to do is wipe down your imitation leather upholstery with a clean cloth slightly damp! Genuine leather does cost more due to its resistance to being torn or punctured, hypoallergenic property, and mellow looks when it ages. On the other hand, inexpensive artificial leather furniture is waterproof. Then again, faux leather is not porous, so sitting in an imitation leather loveseat might get sticky on a humid summer evening.

Consider all your imitation leather furniture options, then pay us a visit at our Philadelphia, PA store.