Thursday, August 30, 2018

All the Hidden Charms and Versatility of Accent Furniture

Undeniably, your home is full of many hidden charms and treasures: ones you display in your living room, others you tuck away, and some you may have even misplaced. But what’s often overlooked amidst all of our home decor are often those most essential and subtle pieces—the accent furniture. When we think accent furniture, that means delectable wall art, antique accent mirrors and decorative lighting, all seamlessly blended together to make your living spaces that much more exciting for gatherings.

 Accent wall art set

Accented Wall Art Par Excellence

After you’ve succeeded in furnishing your bedroom with all the essentials, you may find that you still need an extra touch of color—a splash of style that doesn’t take up too much space, but has a personality all its own. When utilized for accenting, a tasteful set of wall art can do wonders for any room or wall in your home. Choose a piece of wall art that injects some of the color you may be missing in your other furniture—supplementing or enhancing the mood and visible spectrum.

 Round accent mirror

Brighten Up Rooms with Accent Mirrors

Now, an accent mirror is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a completely functional and in many ways necessary part of a bedroom or living room. Ask yourself which sorts of shapes would best complement what’s already present in a given living space. You’ll find accent mirrors that can fit almost anywhere—whether they be cathedral-shaped, circular or square. Give yourself as much freedom as you need to experiment; and allow your accent mirrors to reflect your tastes.

 Hanging accent lamps

Decorative and Accent Lighting for Hallways

As crucial as any other piece of accent furniture, a pendant light or lantern set can literally swing the mood and the lighting in your home, from bland to spectacular. Here, you have more options than you could ever want—and that’s a good thing. Weigh farmhouse chic against vintage styles and industrial decor, as you elevate the aesthetic of your hallways and other dwellings. Hunting for that perfect table lamp to adorn your bedroom nightstand? A ceramic lamp makes for a great accent in any room within your home.

Have fun decorating with your own accent furniture, by visiting us today near Bensalem,PA and Pennsauken, NJ.