Monday, April 27, 2020

Superb Mattress Deals for Health and Comfort at Jerusalem Furniture!

The right mattress for your frame and sleeping style is SO much more than a set of springs. You spend one-third of your life asleep. Doctors insist you make the most of it. By shopping smart through our discount mattress stores you can literally add years to your life. More immediately, stay on top of your game EVERY day by waking up refreshed and recharged. If you have the right mattress for you, you’re getting 7-9 hours of required sleep a night. But not just ANY sleep. Quality sleep, which the scientists call REM sleep. In this state your mind takes a vacation through dreaming and your body’s cells rebuild. If you thought the right mattress was just foam and coils, that’s okay. Our mattress deals will still work their magic. Replace YOUR mattress every 10 years with something special from Jerusalem Furniture!

full mattress

Traditional Innerspring Mattress Deals

Save a bundle every time you buy traditional innerspring mattresses through your sleep solution source, Jerusalem. These sturdy and comfortable classic mattresses come in all sizes from twin to king. They are especially popular in the twin size for kids’ bunk beds and guest rooms. Well-calibrated steel springs do these babies’ heavy lifting, giving overworked muscles a much-deserved break so they can grow and strengthen overnight. Meanwhile, your day’s stresses just float away.

twin mattress

Supportive Memory Foam Mattress Bargains

Memory-foam mattresses are light years away from the material’s debut on the market in the early ’90s. Now it’s scientifically refined to match itself EXACTLY to your body’s shape. No matter if you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, you WILL get comfortable. One of our favorite queen mattresses comes from the eminently affordable Sierra Sleep by Ashley and measures a luxurious 12 inches thick! A tough foam core and the industry’s best, hundreds of pocketed coils, do this mattress’s lifting while you get the benefit of swaths of support foam, the sweet feeling of the memory-foam top, and better yet, your choice of mattress topper such as Euro or pillowtop for that cloud-like feeling.

Awesome mattress deals are on NOW online 24/7 through our Philadelphia, PA area discount mattress stores so buy soon! You can place orders through our website for delivery or pickup.