Monday, June 4, 2018

Recliner Shopping 101

You might fondly remember the luxury of settling into your dad’s or grandma’s well-worn recliner on your family visits when you were a kid. Well, imagine that feeling quadrupled thanks to newness and technological advances. You might be so dazzled by all the recliner designs and options that you don’t know where to begin! That’s why we’re bringing you up to speed so you will choose the right recliner for you.
wide recliner

Glider or Rocker?

Whether you go with a glider or a rocker, both low-end recliners, is a matter of personal preference for the kind of motion, some liking the smoother ride on rockers better. That ease is a factor when you get in and out of the chair. Try out a few recliners with someone to spot you to see which kind of motion is smoothest and most comfortable.

red recliner

Manual vs. Power

If you have limited mobility, a power recliner’s smooth opening and closing motion is a definite plus. You don’t want sudden or herky-jerky motion in your chair.

brown recliner

Neck and Lumbar Support

Especially if you have an old back injury, experts such as chiropractors will tell you that the lower region of your spine, “lumbar” in medical parlance, needs enough support when you are enjoying your recliner. Also important for optimal comfort and health is good neck support. If your muscles feel like they are handing over control of your body to the chair, you have found the right recliner for you.

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