Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This Fall, Re-Vision YOUR Living Room Furniture for Less!

Take a good look at your living room furniture: does it still reflect you, if it ever did, and is it up to par for your round of fall and holiday entertaining? If your space needs some renewing pronto, the season of brilliantly hued leaves and of course of homecomings is your golden opportunity at Jerusalem Furniture! With our vast array of quality affordable furniture from top brands you’re sure to find pieces and sets that fit your style as well as your budget!

Green reclining sofa

Fantastic Fall Furniture Deals

With our phenomenal fall furniture deals, when you buy your new coffee table or other piece at Jerusalem Furniture you can rest easy knowing you saved a ton of cash. It doesn’t matter if your design passion is for colonial or mission or midcentury modern. We’ve got everything from retro Victorian leather sofas to space-age snarky mint-green reclining sofas where you and your friends can just kick back and relax over drinks or watching your favorite holiday classics thanks to an awesome new TV stand, maybe with a fireplace insert to really make it feel like “home for the holidays.” So invite family and friends over with confidence, as the host with the most. Thanks to new living room furniture this fall, subtly display your home design refinement.

The living room furniture for your ideal fall and holiday entertaining is always YOURS for less. Take full advantage of fantastic furniture deals at our Philadelphia, PA store and other metro area locations.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Pick an Awesome Fireplace TV Stand for This Fall!

One of our amazing TV stands with a realistic LED fireplace insert is perfect for when you love your sports and other TV and miss the holiday spirit of your old hearth. You get all the screen action from your set AND a safe, adjustable, and picturesque source of heat! But the selection of TV stands and fireplace options is so wide you might be suffering from “information overload.” In this month’s blog post for the fall and winter gathering seasons, we’ll give you some advice that’s served our customers well over the years.

small fireplace TV stand

How Much Space Will Your LED Fireplace Insert Heat?

A primary consideration for your new fireplace TV stand is the size of the room you need to heat. These heat sources don’t need venting outside or fuel. Plus they’re economically designed so your electric bill won’t skyrocket. You have two choices for fireplace inserts’ heating element, forced fan or infrared. Forced-fan fireplace inserts are best for small spaces as they heat 400 square feet. Infrared heating elements warm 1,000 square feet so if you’ve got a big living room, this is the way to go. Another factor is whether your room has a high ceiling or many windows. Insulating the latter will mean more efficient heating.

midsize fireplace TV stand

Other Fireplace TV Stand Considerations

Don’t forget to check a TV stand’s weight rating to see if it can accommodate your set. This isn’t usually a problem as most stands can hold up to 200 lbs. For extra support, especially if you have curious youngsters, secure your new TV stand to the wall. While our UL-listed fireplace units are safe, keep a fire extinguisher handy and make sure anything that can catch fire such as rugs are at least 3 feet from your fireplace unit. Make sure nothing obstructs your LED fireplace’s air intake or exhaust vents. And turn off your unit when nobody is in the room, and unplug it overnight or if you’ll be away from home for the weekend.

All of this entertainment furniture excellence is available to you for less from our Bensalem, PA store and other Jerusalem Furniturelocations.

Monday, September 9, 2019

What’s Hot in Dining Room Furniture This Fall

Now that dining room furniture buying season is almost upon us, your design-maven friends at Jerusalem Furniture are giving you a quick overview of what’s hot in home dining decor for 2019 in this first fall blog post for the year. It’s natural as shadows lengthen and there’s a hint of cold in the breeze to think of homecoming, gathering for meals. That’s a big part of the holidays next to presents and seeing loved ones, right? That’s why beautiful, elegant dining room furniture is much in demand during the cooler autumn months. Let’s look at a few trends to make choosing your dining table and chairs FUN!

metal dining table

Mix’n’Match Dining Tables and Chairs

A continuing trend over recent years in cool dining room furniture is to just say NO to matchy-matchy! The idea is to creatively break design rules by artfully mismatching your dining table and seating. One way to pull off this look is to use a matching color scheme. The only hard and fast rule to make this mismatch game work is to make sure all your dining chairs are the same height and of course fit under the table you’ve chosen!

traditional dining armchair

The Word for Dining Furniture This Fall: Eclectic!

If you’re redoing your dining room furniture this autumn, think eclectic, even employing styles you think would clash! The trick is to find styles that cleverly complement each other and DON’T really clash. For example, a sleek ultramodern metal dining table with Victorian-style dining armchairs or even rough-hewn wood dining benches that kids love. Other design ideas for this approach include glam-meets-industrial or Queen Anne dining chairs paired with a tempered-glass dining table. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Funky Dining Room Lighting

Once you’ve got your dining table and complementary, non-matching dining chairs picked out, rethink the traditional dining room chandelier for something like pendant lighting or a cool retro atomic starburst look for modern decor. In this fall are unusual, even asymmetrical light shapes and odd textures. Wicker lighting is also popular.

Be it a kitchen dinette with fun pub-height tables and stools or an extension table for your grand holiday gatherings, you’ll always find quality top brands for ultra-low prices at our Bensalem, PA store showroom and other Jerusalem Furniture locations!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Are Kids’ Bunk Beds Right for YOUR Home?

Nothing says childhood bedroom fun and camaraderie like classic twin kids’ bunk beds for your little best buddies. It sure brings back the memories. Your youngsters may be even more enthusiastic about twin bunk or loft beds than you! But are these classic kids’ beds right for YOUR household? In today’s Jerusalem Furniture blog post we’ll give an overview of this summer-camp and barracks classic so you can make an informed decision.

combination twin and full bunk bed

The Pluses of Bunk Beds for Your Kids

First off, kids’ bunks are a boon for the household that’s challenged on floor space. Look cool AND save square footage! One fun thing your kids can do with their bunk beds is take turns on the top bunk, swapping every week, for example. A well-chosen kids’ bunk also gives the siblings a bit more privacy than two separate beds give. Perennial favorite kids’ bunks are more versatile than you might imagine. They don’t even have to be the same size beds. Yes, we know, some big and little siblings are really so fond of each other that they love sharing a room. You can get a cool kids’ bunk with the twin bed on top and a full bed beneath. Also, while of course you want to keep an eye on things so play around your bunk beds is safe, all your kids need for a fun fort is to throw a sheet onto the bunk bed frame!

 metal frame full bunk bed

Why Not to Choose Bunk Beds

Of course, safety is always first. While every kids’ bunk that Jerusalem Furniture sells passes stringent requirement at the factory, pediatricians don’t recommend bunk beds for children under 5. A cool alternative is a trundle bed that rolls under the main bed when not in use.

Remember to always use the right size mattresses for the frames, and to have guardrails on the top bunk.

Check all the cool kids’ bunk bed options we offer online, then visit our Philadelphia, PA home furniture store to really be impressed by all the options we affordably offer!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fun Kids’ Desk Study Space Ideas

While you might think us odd for thinking of kids’ study spaces while your young'uns are still driving you crazy in the middle of summer vacation, we’re crazy like a fox. We at Jerusalem Furniture made our name for ourselves by anticipating what you want before you realize you need. That means thinking a season ahead! With that in mind, in today’s handy home furniture blog post, we’ll forecast about month or two in advance. What would YOU like your kids’ homework space to be like? What do you require in kids’ furniture to make your children’s study area both productive for learning and a place to have a bit of fun. And don’t forget coordinating your kids’ work space with your home’s fashion-forward grown-up decor. With all that in mind, let’s start thinking of sensible kids’ desk and accessory ideas!

kids desk with hutch

Trim Useful Kids’ Desks for ANY Space

Whether your square footage is cramped or vast, we can find kids’ furniture where your boy or girl can park a laptop or open a workbook to get cranking on those history dates and times tables. Got an unused space below the stairs? No need to be glum. Be creative! All you need to turn this seldom-used area into a first-class study station are a kids’ desk with enough storage for books and other media. Something with large drawers is a customer favorite. Alternatively, you can put your storage overhead with a fun little kids’ desk hutch or some sturdy wall-mounted shelves as simple as brackets and particleboard. If you have a dedicated study room, some kids’ room bookshelves are in order. Throw in a fun kids’ accent lamp for practical and decor reasons and your rugrat is ready settle down for some serious studying! If you go this route, your children’s writing desk can be a simple table really. Another retro option to keep organized at your new kids’ room workstation is a bulletin board on the wall over the desk.

kids accent rug

Fun Kids’ Workstation Accessories for Break Time!

Just like at your job, be sure to add some enjoyable kids’ room accent accessories so the many school lessons don’t stress out your youngsters. Consider getting a plush area rug in bright colors where your littlest scholars can enjoy some hands-on learning with educational toys. Throw in some fluffy kids’ accent pillows and maybe a child-size accent chair and your children can get a much-needed break that enhances the learning experience.

Get ALL your kids’ study room furniture essentials easily at Jerusalem Furniture, whose Philadelphia, PA store is always ready to give YOUR strapped budget a big boost!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Look at Imitation Leather Furniture’s Pros and Cons

You can always choose easy-to-get faux leather living room sofas and more at Jerusalem Furniture. You can also opt for costlier, more durable real leather living room chairs and suchlike. Which upholstery option is best for you? In today’s blog post we’ll have a look at how artificial leather furniture is made, then weigh its advantages and liabilities compared to the genuine cowhide original.

DuraBlend faux leather living room sofa

How Faux Leather Furniture Is Made

You have several varieties of imitation leather furniture upholstery to choose from. These vary in quality. The most frequently found artificial leather furniture on the market uses polyurethane (PU), yes, a kind of plastic, over a human-made fabric such as polyester, the standard fabric for this operation. The furniture maker coats this fabric, adds color, then stamps the faux leather upholstery with a cowhide-style grain to look like the real thing. Other types of artificial leather furniture you will find on the market include PVC and polyamide microfiber. Furthermore, for imitation leather furniture some makers are employing plant material including cork and kelp.

Contemporary imitation leather living room sofa

Artificial Leather Furniture Benefits and Disadvantages

Our selection of faux leather furniture offers you a multitude of colors. Also, you can choose a high-gloss look. The polyurethane imitation leather furniture we offer has a proven reputation for withstanding much wear over the years. The usual PU faux leather furniture is simple to maintain. For regular cleaning, all you need to do is wipe down your imitation leather upholstery with a clean cloth slightly damp! Genuine leather does cost more due to its resistance to being torn or punctured, hypoallergenic property, and mellow looks when it ages. On the other hand, inexpensive artificial leather furniture is waterproof. Then again, faux leather is not porous, so sitting in an imitation leather loveseat might get sticky on a humid summer evening.

Consider all your imitation leather furniture options, then pay us a visit at our Philadelphia, PA store.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Right Dining Chairs for You: How to Measure

While of course Jerusalem Furniture offers you many dining sets, some of you may prefer to buy your dining chairs a la carte for various reasons. One trend is even to add visual interest to your dining room furniture by avoiding matchy-matchy, mixing things up with chairs in different but complementary designs. No matter which dining room seating arrangement you choose, here are some essentials to consider before making your decision.

traditional dining chair

How High Should Your New Dining Chairs Be?

Before you pick your dining chairs, know how much room you have to spare under the dining table you have or will buy as well. Look not only for the ability to slide under the table without bumping anything but also for maximum legroom and lap space. With that in mind, be sure to measure and write down your results, but generally our dining tables are at least 30 inches off the floor, while dining chair height typically is 18 feet from the seat to the floor. So, to best choose your dining chairs, leave at least 12 inches of space between the seat and tabletop.

contemporary dining chair

How Wide Should Dining Chairs Be for the Most Room?

Typically, dining chairs are 16 to 20 feet wide. Be sure to measure using the chair’s widest point, either the seat front or back. So that you and your guests don’t jostle elbows, give your seats an extra six inches on each side. Also, don’t forget to allow enough space for the chair to fully slide out from the table to get in and out! Make that a full yard: 36 inches. So if each seat is given 30 inches, you’re good. If you’re placing dining chairs at the table’s head and foot, give those chairs 12 inches left and right.

Whatever your dining chair preferences, you’ll find them all for less at our Pennsauken, NJ store or other Greater Philadelphia locations.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Pocketed Coils in Mattresses: What Does That Mean?

You may have noticed when shopping for new mattresses that all the new ones employing innersprings boast something called “pocketed coils.” What does that mean and how do they help your new hybrid queen mattress support you, for example?

plush hybrid queen mattress

How Pocketed Coils Came to Be

Actually pocketed-coil mattress technology is not new. A Canadian engineer, James Marshall, invented it back in 1899! These improved steel springs are the same width throughout, not narrower in the middle like older coils. Each spring works independently. Pre-compressed, these springs are wrapped snugly in fabric pockets. This revolutionized the mattress industry, and even now, pocketed-coil mattresses are considered a luxury type. This is so even though the price of these coil mattresses has come down thanks to progress in design and manufacturing.

pocketed coil queen mattress

Advantages of Pocketed Coil Mattresses

The fabric pocket surrounding each spring offers additional support, giving you a firmer mattress surface better for your posture and overall health. Like the memory foam that now augments many hybrid mattresses, pocketed coils can adjust minutely to fit your body’s contours, giving you a smooth “ride.” While many of our mattresses have hundreds of springs including reinforced edge support, the number of coils doesn’t matter as much as their kind. Pocketed coils form a support system. Even though the springs are independently moving, together they shape themselves well. That means no more painful pressure points when you lie down. Pocketed coils also reduce motion disturbance so a partner isn’t awakened if you have to get out of bed.

For your firm innerspring and hybrid mattress needs, our Bensalem,PA store and other locations are ready to assist you.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Fun with Retro Furniture for That Touch of Class

Why should rich buyers of antiques have all the fun? If you love one or more historical styles of furniture, guess what? Major brands such as what we sell at Jerusalem Furniture have wonderfully re-created the visual appeal and romance of the past, even the recent past, with cool retro furniture. Think about it. It’s easier to find than scouring the countryside or the Web for antiques. Modern construction with frames backed by solid engineered wood mean your pieces can truly be used. And if something breaks, it’s easy to replace! Win-win, right? Retro furniture is a fast and easy way to give your home the air of sophistication you desire.

Victorian retro nightstand

Lavish Victorian Retro Furniture for Unabashed Romance

If your home design inspiration comes from the many British historical dramas on TV, Victorian retro furniture is your ready-made answer. For example, North Shore furniture from the Millennium brand epitomizes this beautiful historical statement. From leather sofa and loveseat living room sets to stately bedroom furniture, even the nightstands are full of intricacies you just don’t find much anymore. From ornate moldings to imposing columns on your queen bed, our 19th-century retro furniture includes pieces inspired by Louis Philippe design. You can even enjoy an entertainment center styled like an antique but much lighter, less costly, and with cutouts in back to accommodate your TV’s wires.

art deco retro home bar

Smooth Art-Deco Retro Furniture for That ’40s Savoir Faire

Or maybe your idea of romance in the past is the star-crossed pairing of Rick and Ilsa at Casablanca’s Café Americain. A pianist softly renders a tune full of memories while conversation murmurs and fine drinks are consumed. For all that you need a home bar, and our retro furniture’s got you covered for that Miami-like art-deco look you seek. So before you ask Sam to “play it,” check out your retro options such as little side bars and well-crafted bar stools with leather upholstery.

No matter if your historical design yen is for colonial, popular in Pennsylvania, or the welcoming, lived-in “Cheers” look last century, our Philadelphia, PA retro furniture store is here to get you the pieces you love always at prices you appreciate. Stop by soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

3 Bedroom Furniture Pieces that Will Upgrade Your Organization

Keeping your bedroom neat and organized is not always easy. Clothing and accessories accumulate over time, and without sufficient storage, a little bit of clutter can eventually turn into chaos. Even if your bedroom is equipped with a closet and a dresser, sometimes these basic storage staples are simply not enough. At Jerusalem Furniture, we can offer a solution. Our selection of bedroom storage furniture is large and diverse, including so much more than just the standard options. Read on to learn more about three pieces of storage furniture that are guaranteed to bring your bedroom organization to the next level.

queen storage bed

Consider a Space-Saving Storage Bed

When it comes to bedroom organization, storage beds are an often-underutilized option that hold a great deal of potential. Our storage beds feature spacious front and side drawers that seamlessly blend into the bed’s design. These beds allow you to discreetly store your clothing, shoes, and all your accessories. You can even use a storage bed to stow away extra comforters and linens, which will help to free up a large amount of your coveted closet space.


Add Bedside Storage with a Nightstand

People often underestimate the power of a nightstand. Believe it or not, these compact furniture pieces can have a significant impact on your overall bedroom décor. Unlike dressers and bedrooms chests, nightstands are specifically meant for storing those little daily necessities that you would like to keep close at hand. By adding this furniture piece by your bedside, your daily routines will become infinitely easier, and you will no longer be left scrambling each morning to find those small items which are so easy to lose or misplace. Nightstands offer ample space for displaying your alarm clock or table lamp, and they are perfect for storing your glasses, cell phone, or your favorite nighttime novel.  

media chest

Purchase a Versatile Media Chest

Media chests are unique storage furniture selections because they serve multiple functions all in one convenient piece. Our media chests feature two or three tiers of storage drawers, in addition to display space for your television and electronic devices. When you purchase one of our versatile media chests, you are getting the benefits of a dresser and a TV stand for one affordable price.

If you are ready to add more order and organization to your bedroom, visit Jerusalem Furniture today! You can visit us in Bensalem, PA or at any one of our four furniture showrooms. We hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Think Ahead: Fun Furniture and Interior Design Ideas for Spring

You know how the Christmas stuff always comes out in the stores after Halloween now? And how your department store racks and shelves are ready with next season’s clothes? We at Jerusalem Furniture are getting into the seasonal swing of things by offering you these tried-and-true designer tricks to freshen up your home’s decor including furniture to make it bright and cheery for the coming change of season.

 Natural wood occasional table

Spring Design Tip No. 1: Celebrate Natural Wood

While we love vintage-style brown furniture as much as any connoisseur, shake things up a little by switching it out or add a new piece or three with a lighter finish as the sun gets higher in the eastern sky and the days lengthen. Top interior designers swear by the natural warmth of wood. For our purposes, the rawer the wood looks, the better, be it rustic or simply with a clear finish. Think of your new furniture’s grooves and other idiosyncrasies as beauty marks of authenticity, not flaws.

 Pastel living room

Spring Design Tip No. 2: Lighter Colors

Choosier more upbeat colors for your home’s palette doesn’t necessarily mean frying your eyes with bold primary colors. Rather, you may consider reflecting the season thanks to pastel hues, particularly in easy-to-switch-out accent furniture and accessories. The possibilities range from different pillows and throws on your sectional sofa to different wall art. If you need a tranquil crash pad as a refuge from the day’s stress, designers recommend neutral colors both for brightening and to “open up” a room visually, an optical illusion that works!

 Sectional sofa in bright uncluttered living room

Spring Design Tip No. 3: De-Clutter

While being surrounded by your accumulated goods may be reassuring in the dead of winter, in the sunlight of spring it just looks like a right mess, getting in the way of your mood. Think of the new Japanese KonMari design watchwords for de-cluttering, from popular author Marie Kondo: if an item doesn’t “bring you joy,” store or toss it!

For more interior design inspiration so your home welcomes the return of light, life, and color to nature, stop by one of our Philadelphia, PA area stores.