Thursday, November 29, 2018

Plan Effectively for the Right Entertainment Furniture – For You

When you’ve selected the perfect giant plasma TV, stereo sound, and the coolest game system, don’t let it all be for naught because you didn’t map out your floor space to fit the right kind of entertainment furniture. Here at Jerusalem Furniture we have many years of satisfying shoppers just like you with the TV stands, fireplace inserts, and more to make their entertainment rooms the showplaces they’ve always wanted. Basically, all you need is a tape measure, a pencil, and a little time and patience, and you too can enjoy the home of your dreams. Let’s get started!

 entertainment center with fireplace

Will It All Fit?

You might be dreaming of a grand wall entertainment center with shelves galore. But if your living space only allots you a few square feet with which to enjoy your TV, you may have to put that particular fantasy on hold. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get the biggest screen you can imagine AND enjoy it with shelves and a beautiful artificial fireplace giving off light AND heat! Maybe a corner unit is your answer. First, using your tape measure and pencil, find out just how much square footage along the wall you have to play with. Write those numbers down for when you come to us, so you can check them against the dimensions of our items in stock.

Next, check the size of your TV screen, if you already have it, against the space allotted for it in our TV stands and wall units. The dimension quoted on your TV’s cardboard box measures diagonally across the screen so be sure to do likewise when scoping out your new entertainment furniture.

 Simple TV stand

Save Your Vision: Position Your Entertainment Furniture Right

It turns out some folk wisdom is correct: you’d best not sit too close to the TV. Make sure you have at least 3 feet between you and the screen, more if your set is bigger, up to 7 feet for home-theater setups.

Also, your best placement of your TV has the screen’s bottom aligned with your line of sight when seated. So have a friend sit in your TV room chair or sofa and hold the tape at eye level while you walk to the wall. Gently mark the wall where your line of sight will be, then take the tape and record the distance from that spot to the floor. The shelf on which you will place your TV should be no more than 1 foot below that mark.

When you’ve mapped out your space and have a good idea what you want, our Greater Philadelphia stores including our Pennsauken, NJ location are ready for you. Happy viewing on your new entertainment furniture.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Why Choosing the Perfect Living Room Sofa Should Be Atop Your Priority List

It may not seem like such a pressing issue at first, but finding the right living room sofa to complement your home can completely change your day-to-day life. From aesthetics to functionality, there are multiple reasons why this decision can drastically improve your home.  We here at Jerusalem Furniture pride ourselves on finding the right fit for our customers by identifying each of their individual needs and making suggestions based on our years of experience in the business.

 beige sectional sofa

Practical Questions

You may be asking yourself: “Where do I start?” With so many options to choose from, identifying your needs is the most important when deciding on which living room sofa to select. Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

1. How much space am I working with?
2. Who will primarily be using the sofa?
3. What kind of statement do I want to make?

Once you know where you are putting your new living room sofa, it is crucial to make sure you have sufficient room. For people with a large open area, a bigger sectional sofa is a great addition to any living room. For people with smaller living spaces, a standard-sized sofa or loveseat could be just what the doctor ordered.

Will guests be staying overnight? Maybe a pull-out bed would be best.  Do you frequently return home from a stressful day of work feeling sore? Maybe some recliner therapy is in order!

 vinyl sleeper sofa

Artistic Freedom

Once you know who the primary living room sofa-sitters will be, you can then address the visual aspect of the sofa and determine what kind of vibe you are looking to create. Many families prefer a traditional approach, while many single socialites prefer making a bold statement when choosing the color, shape, and material.

Regardless of your personal situation, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is more than happy to assist. You should feel comfortable knowing that Jerusalem is one of the top furniture stores in Pennsauken,NJ.   

It may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. At Jerusalem Furniture, we have your back… literally!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Calibrating Your Home Office in the Autumn of 2018

Inside your palatial home or apartment, you undoubtedly have an office of your own. Perhaps this space doubles as your living room, or the foot of your bed, as you balance your laptop on your lap. In 2018, we’re kidding ourselves if we think this is as stylish and productive as it gets.

Choosing your home office furniture isn’t only practical: it’s also an opportunity to create an aesthetic that reflects and inspires you. Here at Jerusalem Furniture, we know what’s hip in the realm of computer desks and credenzas, and we want to share this with you, as we reimagine what a modern home office could do for you in your life.

 adjustable height desk

Stand or Sit as You Please at an Adjustable Height Desk

When you think home office, we want you to envision yourself standing. Now picture how much healthier and more flexible you’d feel, if you could adjust your computer desk as you liked, at the mere push of a button. What we’re talking about is more than feasible today—it’s affordable, too and able to fit into any size space. Any minimalist at heart will love the chic and versatile look of our adjustable height desks.

 executive desk

An Executive Desk: The Modern Workstation of the Boss

Outside of the office, you can still feel stately simply by seating yourself at an executive desk. A pedestal of a desk in many respects, this colossus makes a statement of its own, reframing both the room and the owner at its helm. Beyond beauty, such a princely workstation can provide you all the storage compartments you could need, and an ideal mantle for books and mementos. It’s exceptionally easy to get productive, when a piece of furniture has you feeling so prestigious.

 writing desk

Pen Your Latest Draft or Work Proposal at a Writing Desk

We can’t emphasize how much your selection of furniture can directly impact your productivity in a living or workspace. Naturally, we think you ought to be composing your letters, be it by pen or keyboard, at a desk or table designed precisely for that. When the aesthetic of mango wood or a weathered wood finish meets your eyes, it’ll only spur your creativity all the more.

 credenza desk

Infuse an Aesthetic into Your Home with a Stylish Credenza
If you haven’t owned a credenza desk, some would say you haven’t yet lived. At the least, it deserves mention that this timeless classic of office furniture can singlehandedly transform all of your aesthetic—from bland to elegant in one purchase. Whether you maintain an industrial or an Old World look and feel, our executive credenzas can augment it and house your printer, papers and files.

All the shapes and sizes you could imagine, we carry at the best prices, at our discount furniture stores including in Pennsauken, NJ.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

All the Hidden Charms and Versatility of Accent Furniture

Undeniably, your home is full of many hidden charms and treasures: ones you display in your living room, others you tuck away, and some you may have even misplaced. But what’s often overlooked amidst all of our home decor are often those most essential and subtle pieces—the accent furniture. When we think accent furniture, that means delectable wall art, antique accent mirrors and decorative lighting, all seamlessly blended together to make your living spaces that much more exciting for gatherings.

 Accent wall art set

Accented Wall Art Par Excellence

After you’ve succeeded in furnishing your bedroom with all the essentials, you may find that you still need an extra touch of color—a splash of style that doesn’t take up too much space, but has a personality all its own. When utilized for accenting, a tasteful set of wall art can do wonders for any room or wall in your home. Choose a piece of wall art that injects some of the color you may be missing in your other furniture—supplementing or enhancing the mood and visible spectrum.

 Round accent mirror

Brighten Up Rooms with Accent Mirrors

Now, an accent mirror is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a completely functional and in many ways necessary part of a bedroom or living room. Ask yourself which sorts of shapes would best complement what’s already present in a given living space. You’ll find accent mirrors that can fit almost anywhere—whether they be cathedral-shaped, circular or square. Give yourself as much freedom as you need to experiment; and allow your accent mirrors to reflect your tastes.

 Hanging accent lamps

Decorative and Accent Lighting for Hallways

As crucial as any other piece of accent furniture, a pendant light or lantern set can literally swing the mood and the lighting in your home, from bland to spectacular. Here, you have more options than you could ever want—and that’s a good thing. Weigh farmhouse chic against vintage styles and industrial decor, as you elevate the aesthetic of your hallways and other dwellings. Hunting for that perfect table lamp to adorn your bedroom nightstand? A ceramic lamp makes for a great accent in any room within your home.

Have fun decorating with your own accent furniture, by visiting us today near Bensalem,PA and Pennsauken, NJ.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Memory Foam Mattresses’ Success Story

One-third of new mattresses sold in America are memory foam, a testament to this recent technology’s success in keeping all kinds of sleepers comfortable. Read on to learn more about the outstanding advances in memory foam mattress technology, making sure you get your 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

 Memory foam mattress

Memory Foam: A Space Age Invention
Memory foam mattresses got started in the top-secret laboratories of America’s historic space missions in the 1960s. As Americans raced Russians to the moon, scientists at NASA were trying to come up with cushioning for the space capsules’ seating so that, perched atop a Saturn rocket at liftoff from Cape Canaveral, the strapped-in, suited-up astronauts would feel less of the tremendous pressure of massive g forces pushing on them because of the rocket’s sudden high speed. G forces are several times the force of gravity! This new foam had to be much stronger than natural fiber, plus it had to absorb body heat.

 Memory foam mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses Go On the Market

The U.S. government sold the foam technology it invented to the private sector in the 1980s. Private companies realized the foam needed some development but would make an awesome mattress giving the body equal support through perfect contouring. Thus, after several more years being tweaking in civilian labs, memory foam mattresses debuted in Sweden in 1991 and in the United States the following year.

 Hybrid mattress

Fantastic Progress Makes Memory Foam Mattresses a Hit

Customer feedback on the new mattress technology has created still more improvements in the lab and now the market. Innovations include firm latex cores so that a new memory foam mattress has exactly the right amount of “give” to completely take over your body’s support from your muscles, giving them a much deserved rest that also frees your mind to literally dream. Scientific improvement to memory foam at the cellular level means new mattresses “breathe,” giving you the temperature-controlled experience the astronauts wanted. Better still, memory foam mattress manufacturers have altered the mattresses’ chemical composition so today’s polyurethane mattresses are even more comfortable, drawing excess heat away from you.

You can find all the memory foam and hybrid mattresses you need, including those with patented pocket coil technology, at Jerusalem Furniture’s four Philadelphia area mattress stores including in Pennsauken, NJ.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Recliner Shopping 101

You might fondly remember the luxury of settling into your dad’s or grandma’s well-worn recliner on your family visits when you were a kid. Well, imagine that feeling quadrupled thanks to newness and technological advances. You might be so dazzled by all the recliner designs and options that you don’t know where to begin! That’s why we’re bringing you up to speed so you will choose the right recliner for you.
wide recliner

Glider or Rocker?

Whether you go with a glider or a rocker, both low-end recliners, is a matter of personal preference for the kind of motion, some liking the smoother ride on rockers better. That ease is a factor when you get in and out of the chair. Try out a few recliners with someone to spot you to see which kind of motion is smoothest and most comfortable.

red recliner

Manual vs. Power

If you have limited mobility, a power recliner’s smooth opening and closing motion is a definite plus. You don’t want sudden or herky-jerky motion in your chair.

brown recliner

Neck and Lumbar Support

Especially if you have an old back injury, experts such as chiropractors will tell you that the lower region of your spine, “lumbar” in medical parlance, needs enough support when you are enjoying your recliner. Also important for optimal comfort and health is good neck support. If your muscles feel like they are handing over control of your body to the chair, you have found the right recliner for you.

Stop by our Bensalem, PA furniture showroom or any of our other Greater Philadelphia locations to get started on finding a great recliner!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How to Choose a Dining Room Table

When you are shopping for a dining room table, it’s easy to be so enamored with a style that you momentarily forget more practical considerations such as the space you have available and how many people you need to seat for a meal daily as well as on big occasions such as parties and the holidays. That’s why Jerusalem Furniture is offering you this quick guide to make your dining room just right for you, keeping in mind the balance of form and function that your home entertainment requires.

Small dining room table

Intimate Tables for Two or Three: Round Tops

If you are like many households, you don’t use a formal dining room much, accommodating family and guests alike in the dinette. If so, a round dining room table is likely most appropriate. This design is inherently intimate, inviting the diners into a cozy space conducive to conversation.

 Midsize dining room table

Midsize Tabletops

The optimum solution for many rooms is a midsize dining room table, perhaps with a square top with ample room in the center to place the food being served. A suggestion: for a table this size, why not add a lazy Susan? Also, if your floor space is a bit limited but you need something more substantial than a dinette, midsize tables are easy to stow in a corner when not in use. Dropleaf tables are also attractive and versatile, changing to suit the occasion. For midsize tables, consider a pedestal base rather than legs, to maximize the seating capacity.

 Large dining room table

The Grand Table: Going Rectangular

The big rectangular dining room table you might remember from childhood holidays is a perennial favorite for good reason: so roomy and welcoming, and practical as well to handle all the serving dishes piled onto it! Bear in mind when selecting one that along with the increased length, there is a corresponding widening. Get out your tape measure to make sure your dining room has enough square footage to comfortably fit the table, pulled-out chairs, sideboard or cabinets, and foot traffic!

Your Basic Measurements

Your dining room table must be at least a yard (36 inches wide). Table-to-wall clearance should be about 4 feet (48 inches). If you already have furniture lining the walls, don’t forget to measure from the table’s edge to the furniture rather than to the wall. Imagine the number of people the table can sit without touching elbows; that amounts to allowing about 2 feet of eating space per diner.

For a dining room table you and your guests will love, visit our Pennsauken, NJ showroom or any of our other locations!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Transform Unused Space into a Home Office

Investing in a personal home office is an invaluable addition that can be made to any home. If you’re fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to an office or study, then you’re already one step ahead of the game. Otherwise, materializing an office in your space requires a combination of creative thinking, hard work, and of course home office furniture. Here at Jerusalem Furniture in Bensalem, PA, we can help you with the creative thinking and supply you with the office furniture, but you’ll have to bring your own hard work. We’ve broken everything down to four simple steps:

Step #1 – Make Room for Your New Office Furniture

First things first—take stock of your living space and what you have in it. Is there a corner in the living room that’s only being used to display an old guitar that’s out of tune? Do you have a partially-filled closet that you could consolidate into another closet or wardrobe? Do you have floor space that’s currently unoccupied, an area you never quite knew what to do with? Maybe you have an attic or a basement that’s only being used for storing junk you rarely use. Wherever there is extra space, it is perfect for your home office furniture.

Home Office Computer Desk

Step #2 – Measure for an Office Desk

Once you have decided where you want your office, the next step is to determine how much space you have available, so get out your tape measure and start jotting down numbers. Lately, interior design circles have been favoring the classic hardwood writing table as the go-to office desk, due to their naturally-occurring economy of style. Their neutral forms and universal appeal make them ideally suited for any home’s design scheme.

Home Office Writing Desk

Step #3 – Select an Appropriate Office Chair

Remember in school getting in trouble for slouching in your seat? That’s because proper posture helps to keep you alert and productive. Select a strong, comfortable office chair that you won’t mind sitting in for a few hours at a time while you get to work. Choose from a number of upholstery options, such as faux leather or fabric. In keeping with the simplicity theme, a white faux leather swivel chair makes a perfect pairing to the writing table we picked out.

Faux Leather Swivel Chair

Step #4 –Consider Home Office Storage Solutions

There’s nothing worse than rummaging through stacks of disorganized papers to find a document, receipt, or memo that you swore was right there. Nip that in the bud with a formal and functional filing cabinet. Search for one that has a similar—if not identical—wood stain as your writing desk, for seamless integration with the rest of your home office furnishings.

Vintage Finish Filing Cabinet

For top quality, affordable home office furniture that is both charming and promotes productivity, visit Jerusalem Furniture in Bensalem, PA. We will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sectional Sofas for Rooms Big and Small

We have all seen the photos of large, open layout living rooms with vaulted ceilings and massive bay windows overlooking a serene forest in the pages of design magazines and furniture catalogs. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of living in such lofty digs, surrounded by Scandinavian-made furnishings. Still, no matter how big or small your living space is, there is a certain luxury to owning a sectional sofa. No longer reserved for the ultra-rich and fashion-forward, today’s sectional sofas and chaises are designed with sociability and comfort in mind. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the many different ways you can get the most out of your living room with a sectional sofa, whatever the size.

Build the Foundation of Your Living Room with a Sectional Sofa

The first step you will want to take when choosing your sectional is to grab your handy tape measure and, well, measure! Take note of the size of your floorplan, plus its shape. Is your living or family room an even square, a rectangle, or something else entirely?  Pay attention to how the room is sectioned off from the rest of the house—are you in an open layout with no obvious demarcations between the rest of the space, like in a studio? Or is every room neatly walled off? Are you planning on walking around the sofa frequently to access different areas of the room, or will it be placed neatly against the wall, or nestled in a corner? Once you take measure of your space, it will be much easier to shop.

 teal fabric sectional sofa

Choose the Right Shape for Your Sectional Sofa

When it comes to the shape of the sectional sofa you’re looking to buy, you have three choices. The first and most common choice is the L-shaped sectional. These can either come with two armrests on either side, or an armrest on one side and a chaise lounge on the other, in either right-facing or left-facing configurations. The second is a U-shaped sectional, which provides seating on three sides, with or without armrests, where visitors and family members can face each other. Lastly, there is the curved sectional, that has a more organic, semi-circular shape, unlike the first two options which have sharper angles and edges. When deciding, plan for who will be using it most. If you have a large family or typically host lots of parties, a U-shaped sectional might be ideal. However, if your needs are much smaller, then perhaps an L-shaped loveseat is more your speed.

 brown vinyl sectional sofa

Sectional Sofa Bells and Whistles

There are a number of additional options you can choose from when selecting a sectional sofa. The first thing you will want to decide is if you need a stationary or modular sectional. As the names suggest, stationary sectionals remain in one place as an entire unit, whereas modular sectionals can have pieces removed or added to, to create either individual seats or to expand it. There are also sectionals with built-in sleeper beds, for such occasions when you need to accommodate friends or family who spend the night. Lastly, reclining sectional sofas are available for families who like to take their relaxation to the next level.

 beige sectional sofa

You can find all of these kinds of sectional sofas and more at Jerusalem Furniture in Philadelphia, PA, at prices you won’t believe. Visit our store to see our wide selection of sectionals in different design styles, upholstering fabrics, and comfort levels. You won’t truly know what sectional sofa is right for your home until you see it in person! And don’t forget to bring your measurements.

Friday, February 9, 2018

How to Select the Perfect Kids Bedroom Furniture

Is your child’s bedroom in need of a makeover? At Jerusalem Furniture, we are pleased to offer a variety of unique and playful products that both you and your child will love. However, before you start creating a plan for your child’s new bedroom, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind. Follow our three simple tips to help you create a kids bedroom that has everything your child needs as they transition from toddler to teen!

Establish a Theme for Your Child’s Bedroom

The key to creating the perfect kids bedroom is filling it with furniture and accents that reflect your child’s personality. The more their bedroom feels uniquely their own, the more they will appreciate it and want to spend time in it. Creating a theme for your child’s bedroom doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge, complicated affair. Just a few carefully selected furniture pieces and home accents can go a long way. Is your child an animal lover? Decorate their room with an animal-inspired table lamp and outfit their bed in animal-print kids bedding. Does your child dream of being a fairytale princess? Consider purchasing an elegant kids poster bed, along with a set of fancy throw pillows. Whatever it is that your child loves, you can find a way to subtly integrate it into their bedroom décor.

 kids' bed

Purchase Kids Furniture that Will Stick with Them Through the Years

When setting a theme for your child’s bedroom, make sure not to take it too far. While a castle or car-shaped bed may be an absolute hit with a small child, it will start to seem uncool once your child approaches their preteen years. When selecting kids furniture, look for pieces that are kid-friendly, yet timeless. Avoid kids furniture pieces that are too much of a novelty and have the potential to be quickly outgrown. When looking toward the future, it is also important to consider the physical growth of your child. For instance, if your child is likely to experience a growth spurt in the coming years, then it may be worth purchasing a Full kids bed, as opposed to a Twin size.

 girls' bedroom set

Stock Up on Kids Storage Furniture

When furnishing your child’s bedroom, keep in mind that you can never have enough storage. Without a proper place to store your child’s clothing and toys, a small amount of clutter can quickly snowball into chaos. Purchase kids storage furniture that is organized and structured, like a kids' dresser or a chest of drawers. By utilizing storage furniture with individual drawers, your child will learn to store their things with care, instead of just haphazardly dumping their belongings in a bin or a closet.

 kids' dresser

Are you ready to start shopping for your new kids bedroom furniture? Stop by Jerusalem Furniture today! We will provide you with a large selection of quality products at prices you can afford. You can visit us in Pennsauken, NJ or at any one of our four furniture store locations. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

3 Bedroom Furniture Pieces that Will Upgrade Your Organization

Keeping your bedroom neat and organized is not always easy. Clothing and accessories accumulate over time, and without sufficient storage, a little bit of clutter can eventually turn into chaos. Even if your bedroom is equipped with a closet and a dresser, sometimes these basic storage staples are simply not enough. At Jerusalem Furniture, we can offer a solution. Our selection of bedroom storage furniture is large and diverse, including so much more than just the standard options. Read on to learn more about three pieces of storage furniture that are guaranteed to bring your bedroom organization to the next level.

Consider a Space-Saving Storage Bed

When it comes to bedroom organization, storage beds are an often-underutilized option that hold a great deal of potential. Our storage beds feature spacious front and side drawers that seamlessly blend into the bed’s design. These beds allow you to discreetly store your clothing, shoes, and all your accessories. You can even use a storage bed to stow away extra comforters and linens, which will help to free up a large amount of your coveted closet space.

Add Bedside Storage with a Nightstand

People often underestimate the power of a nightstand. Believe it or not, these compact furniture pieces can have a significant impact on your overall bedroom décor. Unlike dressers and bedrooms chests, nightstands are specifically meant for storing those little daily necessities that you would like to keep close at hand. By adding this furniture piece by your bedside, your daily routines will become infinitely easier, and you will no longer be left scrambling each morning to find those small items which are so easy to lose or misplace. Nightstands offer ample space for displaying your alarm clock or table lamp, and they are perfect for storing your glasses, cell phone, or your favorite nighttime novel.  

Purchase a Versatile Media Chest

Media chests are unique storage furniture selections because they serve multiple functions all in one convenient piece. Our media chests feature two or three tiers of storage drawers, in addition to display space for your television and electronic devices. When you purchase one of our versatile media chests, you are getting the benefits of a dresser and a TV stand for one affordable price.

If you are ready to add more order and organization to your bedroom, visit Jerusalem Furniture today! You can visit us in Bensalem, PA or at any one of our four furniture showrooms. We hope to see you soon!