Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Fun with Retro Furniture for That Touch of Class

Why should rich buyers of antiques have all the fun? If you love one or more historical styles of furniture, guess what? Major brands such as what we sell at Jerusalem Furniture have wonderfully re-created the visual appeal and romance of the past, even the recent past, with cool retro furniture. Think about it. It’s easier to find than scouring the countryside or the Web for antiques. Modern construction with frames backed by solid engineered wood mean your pieces can truly be used. And if something breaks, it’s easy to replace! Win-win, right? Retro furniture is a fast and easy way to give your home the air of sophistication you desire.

Victorian retro nightstand

Lavish Victorian Retro Furniture for Unabashed Romance

If your home design inspiration comes from the many British historical dramas on TV, Victorian retro furniture is your ready-made answer. For example, North Shore furniture from the Millennium brand epitomizes this beautiful historical statement. From leather sofa and loveseat living room sets to stately bedroom furniture, even the nightstands are full of intricacies you just don’t find much anymore. From ornate moldings to imposing columns on your queen bed, our 19th-century retro furniture includes pieces inspired by Louis Philippe design. You can even enjoy an entertainment center styled like an antique but much lighter, less costly, and with cutouts in back to accommodate your TV’s wires.

art deco retro home bar

Smooth Art-Deco Retro Furniture for That ’40s Savoir Faire

Or maybe your idea of romance in the past is the star-crossed pairing of Rick and Ilsa at Casablanca’s CafĂ© Americain. A pianist softly renders a tune full of memories while conversation murmurs and fine drinks are consumed. For all that you need a home bar, and our retro furniture’s got you covered for that Miami-like art-deco look you seek. So before you ask Sam to “play it,” check out your retro options such as little side bars and well-crafted bar stools with leather upholstery.

No matter if your historical design yen is for colonial, popular in Pennsylvania, or the welcoming, lived-in “Cheers” look last century, our Philadelphia, PA retro furniture store is here to get you the pieces you love always at prices you appreciate. Stop by soon!