Monday, August 5, 2019

Are Kids’ Bunk Beds Right for YOUR Home?

Nothing says childhood bedroom fun and camaraderie like classic twin kids’ bunk beds for your little best buddies. It sure brings back the memories. Your youngsters may be even more enthusiastic about twin bunk or loft beds than you! But are these classic kids’ beds right for YOUR household? In today’s Jerusalem Furniture blog post we’ll give an overview of this summer-camp and barracks classic so you can make an informed decision.

combination twin and full bunk bed

The Pluses of Bunk Beds for Your Kids

First off, kids’ bunks are a boon for the household that’s challenged on floor space. Look cool AND save square footage! One fun thing your kids can do with their bunk beds is take turns on the top bunk, swapping every week, for example. A well-chosen kids’ bunk also gives the siblings a bit more privacy than two separate beds give. Perennial favorite kids’ bunks are more versatile than you might imagine. They don’t even have to be the same size beds. Yes, we know, some big and little siblings are really so fond of each other that they love sharing a room. You can get a cool kids’ bunk with the twin bed on top and a full bed beneath. Also, while of course you want to keep an eye on things so play around your bunk beds is safe, all your kids need for a fun fort is to throw a sheet onto the bunk bed frame!

 metal frame full bunk bed

Why Not to Choose Bunk Beds

Of course, safety is always first. While every kids’ bunk that Jerusalem Furniture sells passes stringent requirement at the factory, pediatricians don’t recommend bunk beds for children under 5. A cool alternative is a trundle bed that rolls under the main bed when not in use.

Remember to always use the right size mattresses for the frames, and to have guardrails on the top bunk.

Check all the cool kids’ bunk bed options we offer online, then visit our Philadelphia, PA home furniture store to really be impressed by all the options we affordably offer!