Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Think Ahead: Fun Furniture and Interior Design Ideas for Spring

You know how the Christmas stuff always comes out in the stores after Halloween now? And how your department store racks and shelves are ready with next season’s clothes? We at Jerusalem Furniture are getting into the seasonal swing of things by offering you these tried-and-true designer tricks to freshen up your home’s decor including furniture to make it bright and cheery for the coming change of season.

 Natural wood occasional table

Spring Design Tip No. 1: Celebrate Natural Wood

While we love vintage-style brown furniture as much as any connoisseur, shake things up a little by switching it out or add a new piece or three with a lighter finish as the sun gets higher in the eastern sky and the days lengthen. Top interior designers swear by the natural warmth of wood. For our purposes, the rawer the wood looks, the better, be it rustic or simply with a clear finish. Think of your new furniture’s grooves and other idiosyncrasies as beauty marks of authenticity, not flaws.

 Pastel living room

Spring Design Tip No. 2: Lighter Colors

Choosier more upbeat colors for your home’s palette doesn’t necessarily mean frying your eyes with bold primary colors. Rather, you may consider reflecting the season thanks to pastel hues, particularly in easy-to-switch-out accent furniture and accessories. The possibilities range from different pillows and throws on your sectional sofa to different wall art. If you need a tranquil crash pad as a refuge from the day’s stress, designers recommend neutral colors both for brightening and to “open up” a room visually, an optical illusion that works!

 Sectional sofa in bright uncluttered living room

Spring Design Tip No. 3: De-Clutter

While being surrounded by your accumulated goods may be reassuring in the dead of winter, in the sunlight of spring it just looks like a right mess, getting in the way of your mood. Think of the new Japanese KonMari design watchwords for de-cluttering, from popular author Marie Kondo: if an item doesn’t “bring you joy,” store or toss it!

For more interior design inspiration so your home welcomes the return of light, life, and color to nature, stop by one of our Philadelphia, PA area stores.