Monday, October 1, 2018

Calibrating Your Home Office in the Autumn of 2018

Inside your palatial home or apartment, you undoubtedly have an office of your own. Perhaps this space doubles as your living room, or the foot of your bed, as you balance your laptop on your lap. In 2018, we’re kidding ourselves if we think this is as stylish and productive as it gets.

Choosing your home office furniture isn’t only practical: it’s also an opportunity to create an aesthetic that reflects and inspires you. Here at Jerusalem Furniture, we know what’s hip in the realm of computer desks and credenzas, and we want to share this with you, as we reimagine what a modern home office could do for you in your life.

 adjustable height desk

Stand or Sit as You Please at an Adjustable Height Desk

When you think home office, we want you to envision yourself standing. Now picture how much healthier and more flexible you’d feel, if you could adjust your computer desk as you liked, at the mere push of a button. What we’re talking about is more than feasible today—it’s affordable, too and able to fit into any size space. Any minimalist at heart will love the chic and versatile look of our adjustable height desks.

 executive desk

An Executive Desk: The Modern Workstation of the Boss

Outside of the office, you can still feel stately simply by seating yourself at an executive desk. A pedestal of a desk in many respects, this colossus makes a statement of its own, reframing both the room and the owner at its helm. Beyond beauty, such a princely workstation can provide you all the storage compartments you could need, and an ideal mantle for books and mementos. It’s exceptionally easy to get productive, when a piece of furniture has you feeling so prestigious.

 writing desk

Pen Your Latest Draft or Work Proposal at a Writing Desk

We can’t emphasize how much your selection of furniture can directly impact your productivity in a living or workspace. Naturally, we think you ought to be composing your letters, be it by pen or keyboard, at a desk or table designed precisely for that. When the aesthetic of mango wood or a weathered wood finish meets your eyes, it’ll only spur your creativity all the more.

 credenza desk

Infuse an Aesthetic into Your Home with a Stylish Credenza
If you haven’t owned a credenza desk, some would say you haven’t yet lived. At the least, it deserves mention that this timeless classic of office furniture can singlehandedly transform all of your aesthetic—from bland to elegant in one purchase. Whether you maintain an industrial or an Old World look and feel, our executive credenzas can augment it and house your printer, papers and files.

All the shapes and sizes you could imagine, we carry at the best prices, at our discount furniture stores including in Pennsauken, NJ.