Thursday, February 14, 2019

3 Bedroom Furniture Pieces that Will Upgrade Your Organization

Keeping your bedroom neat and organized is not always easy. Clothing and accessories accumulate over time, and without sufficient storage, a little bit of clutter can eventually turn into chaos. Even if your bedroom is equipped with a closet and a dresser, sometimes these basic storage staples are simply not enough. At Jerusalem Furniture, we can offer a solution. Our selection of bedroom storage furniture is large and diverse, including so much more than just the standard options. Read on to learn more about three pieces of storage furniture that are guaranteed to bring your bedroom organization to the next level.

queen storage bed

Consider a Space-Saving Storage Bed

When it comes to bedroom organization, storage beds are an often-underutilized option that hold a great deal of potential. Our storage beds feature spacious front and side drawers that seamlessly blend into the bed’s design. These beds allow you to discreetly store your clothing, shoes, and all your accessories. You can even use a storage bed to stow away extra comforters and linens, which will help to free up a large amount of your coveted closet space.


Add Bedside Storage with a Nightstand

People often underestimate the power of a nightstand. Believe it or not, these compact furniture pieces can have a significant impact on your overall bedroom d├ęcor. Unlike dressers and bedrooms chests, nightstands are specifically meant for storing those little daily necessities that you would like to keep close at hand. By adding this furniture piece by your bedside, your daily routines will become infinitely easier, and you will no longer be left scrambling each morning to find those small items which are so easy to lose or misplace. Nightstands offer ample space for displaying your alarm clock or table lamp, and they are perfect for storing your glasses, cell phone, or your favorite nighttime novel.  

media chest

Purchase a Versatile Media Chest

Media chests are unique storage furniture selections because they serve multiple functions all in one convenient piece. Our media chests feature two or three tiers of storage drawers, in addition to display space for your television and electronic devices. When you purchase one of our versatile media chests, you are getting the benefits of a dresser and a TV stand for one affordable price.

If you are ready to add more order and organization to your bedroom, visit Jerusalem Furniture today! You can visit us in Bensalem, PA or at any one of our four furniture showrooms. We hope to see you soon!