Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Pocketed Coils in Mattresses: What Does That Mean?

You may have noticed when shopping for new mattresses that all the new ones employing innersprings boast something called “pocketed coils.” What does that mean and how do they help your new hybrid queen mattress support you, for example?

plush hybrid queen mattress

How Pocketed Coils Came to Be

Actually pocketed-coil mattress technology is not new. A Canadian engineer, James Marshall, invented it back in 1899! These improved steel springs are the same width throughout, not narrower in the middle like older coils. Each spring works independently. Pre-compressed, these springs are wrapped snugly in fabric pockets. This revolutionized the mattress industry, and even now, pocketed-coil mattresses are considered a luxury type. This is so even though the price of these coil mattresses has come down thanks to progress in design and manufacturing.

pocketed coil queen mattress

Advantages of Pocketed Coil Mattresses

The fabric pocket surrounding each spring offers additional support, giving you a firmer mattress surface better for your posture and overall health. Like the memory foam that now augments many hybrid mattresses, pocketed coils can adjust minutely to fit your body’s contours, giving you a smooth “ride.” While many of our mattresses have hundreds of springs including reinforced edge support, the number of coils doesn’t matter as much as their kind. Pocketed coils form a support system. Even though the springs are independently moving, together they shape themselves well. That means no more painful pressure points when you lie down. Pocketed coils also reduce motion disturbance so a partner isn’t awakened if you have to get out of bed.

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